Through our program we facilitate ecological and adventure based workshops for elementary

 school students across the state. Topics include tracking, wild edibles, macro-invertebrates and 

emergency wilderness survival. These workshops serve as a dynamic and authentic assessment of

Moosalamoo students as well as a unique, adventurous and informative experience for elementary 

students and teachers alike.

Students in Moosalamoo 11 & 12 give an interactive presentation about the program to elementary school students!

Moosalamoo students explain having the proper mindset to being in the back country.


Building a survival shelter called a squirrel hut

Students inside the other shelter that included a bed of hot rocks and animal hides.

Demonstrating how to start a fire using only primitive materials.

 how to make their own tinder ball out of bark

 Nutrition is vital to survival in the back country. Students learn the importance of having a  balanced diet with protein, fats, and     carbohydrates.

 Bread and tea made over the fire.