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Leicester Central School

Art Viewing and Spring Concert at LCS was a great success!
 If you didn't get to join us, be sure to check out the student self-portraits at Leicester Sudbury and Whiting!


 Grades PreK & K

Art students in PreK and K have just finished up their Indian Elephants.  After their studies of color and pattern along with looking at the cultural traditions and festivals in India, students were able to gain knowledge about how elephants there are decorated, and why.  Students were then able to apply their knowledge, by decorating their very own elephant.  A friend of Miss Gengras’ donated some boxes that hold “Garuka” brand breakfast bars in them.  When the box is unfolded, it looks just like the head of an elephant!!  Students had fun wearing their elephant masks, and decorating them in their own unique style.  The elephants are now on display along the hallway and on the art bulletin board so make sure to check them out!!!  Also, as the weather warms up, stay tuned for information about the PreK/K Art Class Elephant Parade. In the meantime, students begin creating puppets based on our favorite nursery rhyme characters.  These puppets will perform at Leicester’s PreK/K family night in Miss Noonan’s room…  don’t miss this one!

Grades 1 & 2

Artists in grades 1 & 2 have also been working on creating their own Indian Elephant designs.  However, these students learned how to draw an elephant on their own, step-by-step.  Students first drew their elephants on paper, and then began to design and decorate them using authentic practices and techniques.  Art students also took a deeper look into the real lives and habits of elephants, discussing the ethical and environmental issues that face this emotional and intelligent species.  As projects finish up, students are beginning to design a chalk, cray-pa or pastel picture that depicts something in our solar system that interests them.  Students will be learning a basic overview of the solar system, stars and planets.  They will then guide their own learning through various activities and research.  The information learned will be presented to their peers along with their artwork.  This academic choice lesson seemed to engage students immediately!  I am sure they will have a lot of learning to share by the end of this project so keep your eyes open for the Universe of Leicester.

Grades 3 through 6

Leicester art students in grades 3 through 6 have just begun a new unit.  After so much hard work during their Perspective Unit, students are ready to take on another challenge! Students will now be able to study a more natural subject, their own faces!!  After studying perspective and drawing so many geometrical objects, studying organic subjects will give students the variety of knowledge they need to grow as artists.  The introduction of this unit started with students making contour line drawings of their classmate’s faces.  This is always a silly and fun, yet crucial activity that reinforces students to “draw with their eyes.”  As students begin to practice drawing what they actually see, instead of what we think we see or is in our imagination, their drawing skills are already showing improvement and maturity. 


  For our final project, each student will create a realistic self-portrait using mirrors and gridding techniques.  Miss G is very excited to have a new iPad, which will be used to integrate technology into several lessons during this unit.  Each student has had their photograph taken in a special application that adds gridlines to the picture.  Students will then incorporate math skills to make a matching grid for their drawing. As we look at the work of several artists who used gridding methods or who created self-portraits, students will discuss ideas about how to capture the individual and unique facial characteristics that each of us possess.  Once the portraits are finished, come on in and see if you can guess and match students with their self-portraits!


The study of
As grades PK through 2 studied the color wheel, they created a picture for each color of the rainbow, using mixed media in only that color.  An upcoming bookmaking lesson will show students how to compose their work into their very own book of colors!
Happy New Year!
Students have continued to move closer and closer their hopes and dreams through hard work, confidence and determination in 2013! 
2014 will begin with a class review of our material learned, along with self-assessment of our comprehension, individual artistry, and progress towards our goals.  As the practice of arts integration advances in our schools, a deeper understanding of the elements and principles of design will continue to progress.  This development will guide us along our artistic journey.  The exploration we experience along our unbounded path will help us make essential connections, both as individual artists and as a classroom community.  

Have a great summer Legends!!! 

PK/K Rorschach Prints

This lesson is based on the famous Rorschach Ink Blot Test.  The process of mak­ing these prints seems almost mag­i­cal to a five year old who’s doing this for the first time. It com­bines col­or­ful paint with the ele­ment of sur­prise and plenty of imag­i­na­tion… what’s not to love about that?!


PK/K students have been exploring various types of printmaking for the past several weeks.  In this lesson, students first fold their paper in half.  They then receive a blot of primary colored paint! (Red, Yellow, and Blue)  Then students fold their papers again, and press down.  After opening the paper, a beautiful surprise emerges with secondary colors (orange, green, violet) showing, due to the mixing of the primary paints!  Students then decide what their blob of paint looks like to them.  Next, they add details in black paint or marker, in order to complete the design.  Students then share what they have created.  It’s interesting how we all see it in our own way!

LCS Art Students Study Color Theory!!!!
Click Class Links For Details!

After weeks of hard work, Leicester students from grades 3 through 6 put on a spectacular puppet show!  Students in grades K through 2 along with teachers and school faculty watched intently as these artists performed. 
Stay tuned to this page and on the Leicester school website for video clips!

Great Job Leicester Students!!!

Students at Leicester School will put on a puppet show of The Snow Queen on Friday, March 8th!  Art students create scenery and make the puppets!!
Grades 3/4: 
Create each character of the play using recycled art materials.   Read instructions on creating several types of puppets and choose what type to make based on assigned character.  Manipulate a variety of materials to mimic characteristics of each puppet.  Watch video on Jim Henson to inspire ideas from the master himself.
Grades 1/2:
Discuss what scenery is.  Brainstorm characteristics of each scene in play.  Work together with other students in assigned groups to create different aspects of scene.  Put scene together with group.  Use chosen medium to resemble what the scene would look and feel like.  Use social skills to make decisions and agreements as a team.

Student art show at BAG was a wonderful experience for students, families, and teachers.  Thank you to the Brandon Artist's Guild, students, and families for all of the wonderful work that you do.
Attention Sudbury Art Students and Families:

Please join us this Friday (5-7pm)at the Brandon Artist's Guild for the opening reception of the student art show!  The reception exhibits work from students throughout the RNESU district.  Art work from Sudbury students will be showcased throughout the entire month of February.  Don't miss it!

Coming soon to Sudbury School.....

Check it out at....    http://www.square1art.com

Sudbury art students have been studying color theory during the past several art classes.  Students choose warm and cool color schemes to create their picture for Square 1 Art!  Within the next few weeks, these masterpieces will be sent to the company.  Then, a catalog will be sent back to Sudbury, and go home with students.  Each catalog contains free stickers with your child's art on it!   Parents, families, and friends can then order all sorts of neat items with the art right on it!  This is a fundraiser for our Sudbury school!  S1A now offers online ordering for your convenience.  Please contact Miss. Gengras with any questions or concerns about this project or process.


Figure Drawing/Life Drawing


K-6 art students, are all beginning to take a closer look at the human figure through figure drawing and life drawing.  Figure drawing is a very important unit for art students of all ages.  The sooner one learns how to draw a figure better, the more practice and skill they will gain in all forms of art.  figure drawing is a drawing of the human form in any of its various shapes and postures, using any of the drawingmedia.  A "life drawing" is a drawing of the human figure from observation of a livemodel.  Before we started our lesson, students were asked to draw a picture of a person, from head to toe, in their art sketchpad.  As our unit moves along, the drawings they will continue to do in their sketchpad, will show the  skill progression of each student. Students learn to look at how the human figure is made of mass, and can be broken down into shapes.  When drawing figures, students practice different positions of the body, using these shapes.  They are introduced to a moveable mannequin that artists use to help them draw.  The mannequin will be present in each class, to assist us with our study of the human form.  To help K-2 students practice the assembly of this form they will also use puzzles.  Each puzzle piece represents a part of the human form.  Through putting the pieces together, students start to see how these shapes can be placed in various ways, to depict different positions that the human form can be drawn or sketched in.  Students in grades 3-6 study this concept through a figure drawing study guide.  All students practice with by using coloring sheets that guide artists through the form.  During our next two classes, students will become live models for each other, as they practice sketching the human figure in different positions.  After all volunteers have modeled, students will choose one human figure position from their sketchpads, to represent for their final drawing.  Figure drawing can be very challenging, but Leicester artists, are up for the task!! 

Check out Student's Water Color Leaves!!  Students took a nature walk to find leaves that were interesting.  We then examined all aspects of the leaf through the elements and principals of design.  Some examples of things we looked at were color, shape, texture, line, size, and even imperfections.  Students then drew the leaf as detailed as possible,
and then painted them with watercolors.  Some students chose to represent the leaves realistically, while others, chose to make them fun colors!  Come 
check out the art bulletin board at school and see all these wonderful designs.  You will "FALL" in love!

Students explore the elements and principles of design through:
"The Starry Night" 
Vincent Van Gogh

Our last few weeks in art have been filled with many exciting projects!  As we studied the work of Vincent Van Gogh, we took a very close look at "The Starry Night".  Students explored the elements and principles of design through this famous painting.  Students then created their own version of "The Starry Night", using oil pastels or "cray-pas".  Students have been practicing with both cray-pas and watercolors to observe how "resistance" works.  This week students went on a nature walk to collect leaves for our next project.  Students chose their subject based on their interests!  Some chose by color, while others chose by shape, line, or anything else that they thought might make an interesting subject to study.  Next week we will use mindfulness techniques to really practice our focus skill.  Keep your eyes peeled in the school for the masterpieces that have been created by these wonderful art students!!

As we jump into our third week of art, we find ourselves busy, busy, busy!!! Classes will start with a re-visiting of our discussion about class expectations.  We will take our brainstormed list, and create a more simple set of rules to follow.  By following our rules, we wish for the hopes and dreams of each Leicester student to come true.  We will discuss ideas and consequences of what we will do if we are having trouble with our rules at times.  Last week we talked about how it is okay to make mistakes, as long as we take responsibility for them.   After our group discussion, students will be finishing up both their hand designs, and their hope and dream drawing.  Students 
will also be introduced to methods of book making so that we can start constructing our own art journals!  During the first few weeks, we often discuss the idea of "thinking outside the box", and what it means as artists.  Each student will be asked to design a cover for their journal, and is encouraged to think outside the box!  Art journals are a wonderful way to practice designs for projects, and  to track artistic progress!  They also provide a great way to introduce students to bookmaking!  Journals will be used throughout the year, and will be sent home during the last weeks of school.  Feel free to stop in and take a look at what your child has been working on.  Next week I will give students a brief overview of how grades are formed in art class before finishing our journals.  Check out the "grading" tab for more details on the process.  

This week in art, we create our class expectations together in order to make our hopes and dreams come true.  We continue to work on our symbolic hands project, while adding elements of mixed media.  It is amazing to see the kids come up with so many unique ideas that express their individuality!  Next week we will start to put together our art journals for the year.  Come by and check out what we have been working on!!!

Welcome back Leicester families and artists!!!  I am so excited to start a new year with smiling faces, both old and new.  We got off to a great start this week discussing what art is, along with our hopes and dreams for this year.  We then did a "pair share" to talk about our summers.  To change it up a bit, we introduced our partners to the group.  We then jumped right in to art making, using symbolism to share our personal likes and interests!  Keep your eyes peeled for this "hands on" project.  Within the next few weeks we will create our art classroom rules, and share our hopes and dreams through an artistic process.   After these projects, we will create our own art journals and portfolios, that will be used to track our progress throughout the year.  My hope and dream for this year is that all students will have an understanding of the importance of art in life.  I also hope to have a fun and productive year!  Next week I will send a letter home to parents and families.  Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns.  I look forward to another great school year!!!!
Sculptures and portfolios have been sent home and we are all ready for summer!  Our last art class was filled with fun and great spirits!  Each class worked on a community class banner, that is now displayed in the school.  Work stations were set in place so that students could finish projects and make artistic decisions.  Have an amazing summer students and families!!!!!  There will be lots of art to share when we come back in the fall.

As our last week of art came to an end, students worked on beautiful rainforest mosaics!  The elements and principles of design that we have been studying this year, helped students make their artistic decisions.  After taking a closer look into the plants and animals of the rainforest, students began to create their own interpretations of this beautiful place by using color and shape.
Come check out the amazing recycled art around the school!  Students in grades 3-6 worked hard and creatively to complete their recycled art.  It is so unique and interesting!!  For the past few weeks, K-2 students have been studying many of the elements and principles of design.  We started the unit studying repetition and pattern.  We have studied many shapes throughout this unit but have most recently focused on geometric and organic shapes.  Through lots of guided discovery, observation, and practice, students have a firm grasp on these elements.  Last week students finished their geometric drip pictures and started their organic watercolor paintings!  This week all students will take a closer look at the color wheel.  Warm and cool color schemes will be used as expression of what they are feeling, and what they are learning.  Stay tuned for pictures as these masterpieces become displayed.  In the weeks to come, classes will revisit our rules, hopes, and dreams, that we came up with as a class at the beginning of the year.  We will evaluate how effective we have been as a group so we can really make the most of our last few weeks.  Each student has an artists journal and portfolio that will soon be sent home.  Please contact me with any questions or to make arrangements to pick up your child's work as some students have sculptures as well.  In the meantime, stay tuned for amazing art!

This week we will have a Mardi Gras parade to celebrate our hard work on our masks!!  Students at Leicester have also been working hard and having fun during our recycled art unit!  Grades 3 through 6 are working on independent and group projects that will be wrapped up during the upcoming weeks.  Grades PK through 2 have explored several elements and principles of design, by using the various recycled materials we have collected.  They started the unit with a lesson about spirals!  We then looked at repetition and how it is used in art.  Some students created their own collage by thinking about what kinds of materials might represent different objects.  We will conclude this lesson with several forms of critique and reflection.  Come check out the schools art bulletin board to see what students are creating!!!!

Last week students learned about different kinds of masks that are made during Mardi Gras!  We studied the historical  meaning behind it, and made connections to the reason why masks are sometimes used in these types of celebrations.  While viewing these masks, we discussed the different elements of design, and the various techniques that artists may have used. We looked closely at symmetry, patterns, shape, color, construction, and other aspects of the creative process.  Students could use one of the three templates provided, or design their own mask.  First students had to make artistic choices on weather they wanted to create a mask in the spirit of Mardi Gras.  Some students decided to do this by using purple, gold, and green.  We looked at the meaning of these colors and discussed how all colors can express a feeling, or represent meaning.   Some students decided to go in a different direction and in the end, we had all different kinds of themes!  We explored our available materials and decided as a group what the best way would be to add each material.  They then chose a color of foam for their base and began to create!  This project really allowed students to make artistic choices using mixed media.  We had so much fun creating the masks, and will be looking forward to sharing them with a little parade at school!  In the mean time, masks will be displayed at the school so come check them out!  This project will lead us right into more work with recycled materials.  Grades 3 through 6 will study other artists and then decide on an independent project design.  Grades PK through 2 will continue to learn and practice construction techniques through various crafts.  A theme that came up during this lesson was that nothing gets wasted.  As artists, we try to make use of and be creative with all sorts of materials.  If you happen to come across a material that you think could be a neat part of a students project, don't hesitate to bring it by.   Recycled art and sculpture is not only my specialty as an artist, but students seem to love working with these exciting and unique materials.

On Friday, February 17th, Leicester students take a field trip to the Brandon Artist's Guild for a gallery walk!!  The student show which includes work from students in the RNESU district,  exhibits work in this gallery throughout the month of February.   Now students and teachers will explore these beautiful works of art together!!!  Grades PK through 2 will be taking a morning trip, and grades 3 through 6 will visit in the afternoon.  Activities and discussion will be based on our experience.  If you didn't catch this exhibit yet, it will be up for the rest of the month.  Come check it out and support our young artists!!!  

For the past few weeks, Miss. Gengras' students have been emerged into the exciting world of printmaking!!   Students started this unit by creating simple transfer designs, and have explored their way forward through many different printmaking techniques.  Our last printing project was block printing!  Students first created interesting designs that explored positive and negative space, as well as different textures.  Then using floral foam, students carved or etched their design into the foam, using wooden dowels.  Last week students printed their designs while learning about the new printing tools and materials!  This week students labeled their prints into an edition, and chose their 3 strongest ones for framing!  We have had critiques and discussions to determine what makes a print or image strong.   I was so amazed and impressed on how unique and different each piece of finished art came out.  Check the school's ART bulletin board to see these beautiful masterpieces!   When students come back, we will explore a new unit using recycled materials!  In our first lesson, students will design a mask that is made out of all sorts of neat treasures!  Keep this in mind if you happen to stumble upon anything artistic for these masks!!  Enjoy February vacation everyone!!

Leicester students start the new year with an introduction to printmaking!  This week we studied different animals and reflections.  Students chose an animal to draw with cray-pas on
one half of a folded piece of paper.  They then press the two sides of the paper together, to make an impression.  This impression represents the reflection of the animal in water.  Students have been imaginative and creative in this process.  In our next class, we will paint over the impressions with tempura paint to make a better representation of water. 
This week students will be introduced to working with clay.  This is always a favorite with our mini-sculptors.  Stay tuned for updates on their amazing work!

Leicester students are now working with Square1Art!  Catalogs with products that feature your childs art will have been sent back to the company for processing!  Product should arrive by December 14th.  If you missed the deadline for your order form, visit squareoneart.com, and work with them independently.  Profits will be donated to Leicester Central Schools student activities fund!

Last week students were introduced to figure drawing!  Students explored the proportions of the human body, and how drawings start with basic shapes.  Students got the chance to draw from a manikin, and live models in different poses.  Students also had the chance to be a model themselves!  Students will learn to draw the human figure more realistically.  Next class students will add details and facial features!

In week 8 of art, students worked on drawing out designs for their halloween costumes!  We had so much fun doing this and sharing ideas!  Students learned to draw face and body outlines, and certain facial features.  They used mixed media including cray-pas, tempura paint, fabrics and other collage materials.  They learned the technique of resistance.  When you draw with cray-pas and then paint over it, the paint resists the waxy substance, creating a neat texture.  It's almost like magic!