Welcome to the homepage of Mr. Jay Wilson, math intervention instructor. 


The math intervention program used here at Barstow is Mathematics Navigator.  It is now in its fourth year of implementation and focuses on students in grades 4-8.  Below please find an outline of the overall program.
Mathematics Navigator® is a highly flexible intervention program that repairs misconceptions and fills critical gaps in students’ understanding.  In addition it...

  • Aligns with Common Core State Standards
  • Builds conceptual understanding, problem solving, and skills
  • Supports English learners and students with special needs
  • Provides effective instruction as a SUPPLEMENT to the student's classroom instruction. 


Classroom teachers in grades 4-8 have administered assessments in accordance with the RNESU District Assessment Plan that screen for a broad range of mathematical concepts.  If this screener indicates that certain students may have misunderstandings with a particular concept, a more focused pre-test is then given to pinpoint the exact misconception the student has in a specific area of mathematics.  Depending upon results, the intervention is then put in place for a group of students from the class or possibly the entire class



If your student is going to receive a quick intervention, you may not necessarily be notified in advance.  However, if it is anticipated that he or she would benefit from additional intervention, a letter will go home informing you.

   If you have any questions or concerns about this program, please feel free to contact me at 773-6926 (Ext. 55) or by e-mail jxwilson@rnesu.org