PreK and K

Sept. 18, 2013
We've dived back into learning how to be musicians. Our primary goals at this point are to find and use our singing voices, keep a steady beat, and use our bodies safely to move expressively to music. We will be progressing through more complicated (although still very simple) songs, chants, circle games, fingerplays, dances, and beat-keeping activities. You can find words to some of our songs and chants on the Song Lyrics page.

June 5, 2013
The spring concert was a great success! The kids always amaze me. For the final few weeks of school, we've been continuing the First Steps in Music curriculum. The students have been introduced to Boomwhackers, and have learned a couple of new circle games (Sally Go Round the Sun; Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley Grow). We also did creative movement to a poem about seeds growing into trees and dropping seeds again, and are continuing to work on using our singing voices by singing simple songs (solo and in a group), echo songs, and making our own songs by singing answers to questions such as "what do you like to do in the summer?" and "what's happening in this picture?"

May 1, 2013
We're working hard to get ready for the spring concert on May 15! I think this group will do a great job. We will be performing Japanese Rain Song, Going to the Zoo, and Shoo-fly. We're looking forward to singing and dancing for our friends and families!

Apr. 3, 2013
We've been spending our time learning to use our singing voices (as opposed to speaking or shouting or whispering voices) and matching notes in echo songs, as well as developing a strong sense of the steady beat using our bodies and various percussion instruments. We also play with different dynamics (loud or soft sounds), tempo (how fast we are singing), and how we can show different moods in our songs. To further explore how expressive music can be, we listen to music and do expressive motions following the teacher's lead. (This is part of the First Steps in Music curriculum that I follow with this group.) Some songs we've done are: Kye Kye Kule, Charlie Over the Ocean, Did You Ever See a Lassie?, Closet Key, Rig a Jig Jig, Popcorn, Circle Round the Zero, Shoofly, There Was a Man and He Was Mad, I'm On My Way, Purple Light, Green Grass Grows All Around, Five Little Ducks, and the Good Morning Song in 6 languages!