Grades 5 and 6

Sept. 25, 2013
We've just gotten started with Mallet Madness, a program that uses pitched and unpitched percussion instruments to teach elements of music such as notes and rests, form, and playing as an ensemble. In general, we've been focused on working together as a group, finding the group pulse (steady beat), and singing in unison and with precision. We're currently learning the Vermont state song, "These Green Mountains", and also learned a song by Bill Staines, "Crossing the Water." 

June 5, 2013
The spring concert was a great success! The kids really impressed me with their musicianship, and the songs they performed were big hits! For the end of the school year, we are doing fun stuff: learning how to play the spoons (thanks, Ms. Kay!) and singing "Old Dan Tucker", learning some clapping games that require teamwork and coordination, and singing our way through the "Get America Singing Again" songbooks. Our concert song, "Three Little Birds", will be making a reappearance at graduation next week!

May 1, 2013
We're working hard toward the Spring Concert on May 15. This class will be singing Three Little Birds (with ukes and guitar), Joy Inside!, and a medley of Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World (with ukes, guitar, and trumpet!) This is a talented group and they will most likely knock your socks off at the concert. 

Apr. 3, 2013
This class has been working hard on learning the ukulele, and we've begun preparing songs for the spring concert that we'll be singing and playing. The students have learned C, F, G7, Am, Em, and C7 chords, and have quite a large repertoire of songs they can play. Other recent activities included learning and performing the theme song for the Snow Queen puppet show, singing songs from the Revolutionary War era, and a unit on African-American music which ended with the students writing their own 12-bar blues songs.