Useful Links and Fun Stuff

Grades 3 and 4 can go to this site to practice their Recorder Karate songs along with the streaming audio (contact me for the password) or use the interactive recorder fingering chart. Those links are on the left side of the page. Have fun!

This site has instructions for making percussion, wind, and string instruments from easy to find materials. Many of the projects require some adult help, but others are easy to do by yourself.

Lots of help and fun games for practicing your recorder! Learn many songs, play recorder games, and submit your scores to the teacher.

           Videos, games, and activities for learning about musical styles from jazz to blues to hip hop to salsa to classical to country. Play along with the band!

Game Room, Musician's Lounge, Composer Gallery, Instrument Laboratory, Composing Workshop, and more!
This site is full of information and fun activities. Play music games, compose your own music, learn about composers and their music, listen to and learn about the instruments of the orchestra, listen to podcasts of the radio show "Classics for Kids" (these are short), etc. Includes information specifically for parents.
This interesting site was created by a British musician/teacher. The most useful sections are "Why Is Music Important?", "Types of Music", and "Composers". There are many videos of musicians playing many different kinds of music, and samples of each composer's work including (sometimes) video of the composer him/herself.
This fun site has games for learning about music, "performulator" and "composerizer" activities to create and play music, a "radio" with many musical samples to listen to, and more.
Many videos of different kinds of music from all over the world.