The goal of this site is to provide you with easy access to news, documentation, activities and support for all things technology related at OVUHS. Please feel free to browse the How to: tab where we have posted solutions to common tech questions.  If you don't find a solution there, please SUBMIT a TICKET  (You must be logged in to your RNESU email account to get in.   Click here: MOJO Helpdesk for more information on using it).  Since we are often out and about, a ticket is the best method of contact.  However, if you are teaching a class and need immediate assistance, please call x 215, have us paged or send someone to our office.

What's Happening:
*****Wireless:  The OV-Secure network is now restricted to OV owned devices, plus some special cases which have been approved for server access.  We have created a new network, OV-Chrome,  for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes exclusively.  Personally owned devices can still connect to the OV-Open network.  We will however be modifying the amount of bandwidth that the Open network can use during the school day.
*****Wheeeee!!!!  Our new fiber optic connection to the internet is in place and the data is flying!  To help take better advantage of the speed, classrooms with wired computers are getting their switches upgraded to gigabit from 10/100.
*****Several classrooms that had older desktop/tower computers are now home to Chromeboxes, the desktop version of Chromebooks.  
*****The "Links for Education" tab is a repository of links to web sites that other educators are using.  
*****Lightspeed unblock requests:  All requests to open up a blocked sight must:  
                        1.  Come from an adult.  Requests from students will not be granted.
                        2.  Must be in submitted either by email or in a ticket.
                        3.  Must include the full domain name.