Welcome to K-5 Physical Education

Dear Parents:
It is my pleasure to teach your child Physical Education this year. I thought it would be beneficial to let you know some information about me and my policies and rules in this class.
This is my 20th year at Neshobe School. Before my arrival in Brandon, I obtained my Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education at Lyndon State College.
I taught high school PE at Northfield High School in Northfield, Vermont.
All students are expected to wear sneakers to every PE class.  Sneakers are soft-soled shoes that cover the toes, heel, and top of the foot. Heelys, boots, sandals, and dress shoes are not acceptable. Sneakers provide the appropriate protection and support for the activities your child is expected to perform.
Your student’s score is based on state and national PE standards. If you have any questions regarding my scoring policy, please feel free to speak with me. 
Please provide a note to the classroom teacher or to the school nurse if your child cannot participate in PE class.
My philosophy is Be Safe, Be Kind and Be Gentle. Feel free to visit your child's PE class and join in the fun. 

Mary Heath

(802) 247-3721, ext. 2019

FitnessGram assesses three general components
health-related physical fitness, which have been identified as important to overall health and function. The components are listed below, with links to general descriptions of these tests if available. Many test items offer multiple options to choose from.

Fitness Gram Test Manual

  • aerobic capacity (one of these):
  • PACER test — a 20 meter progressive, multi-stage shuttle run set to music (the PACER is also available in a 15 meter distance) (this is a version of the beep test)
  • One-Mile Run — complete one mile in the fastest possible time, either walking or running.
  • Walk Test — for secondary students ages 13 or greater
  • Curl Up — Abdominal strength and endurance test.
  • Trunk Lift — Trunk extensor strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • Push Up — Upper body strength and endurance (alternates = modified pull-up and flexed arm hang)
Flexibility (one of these)