Introductory Letter: August 2017

   Welcome Parents & Students of Global Studies:

                                            Re: Global Studies – Course Information  


Global Studies is a course that explores the world and its cultures. Accompanying this letter is an outline detailing the enduring skills and
knowledge that are the goals for all. Once proficient students become productive, informed and active members of our Global Community. 
In order for students to be successful, there are a few critical areas to note:

  1. Independent Work (preparatory & practice assignments): As students increase their skills in the Social Studies, they will interpret reading materials written during the historical periods studied. Students also analyze sophisticated graphs and charts, and gather information from a wide variety of reliable sources. In order to master these skills, students must practice working on their own. Sometimes this is called homework, but many times the work is completed at school. Independent work reinforces what is learned in class and prepares the student for what lies ahead. It also allows a student the freedom to explore areas that are of particular interest.  To master this independent learning skill, students spend some time outside of class completing these tasks. Being able to work independently is an important skill to master. A Student’s level of proficiency completing independent work counts for 15% of the course grade.

    NOTE: All Students have an electronic textbook & materials via the Internet for home use.

  2. Class Work & Academic skills:  Most of what we do is accomplished in class. It is usually during class time when students see their learning habits advance.  Documented evidence shows that we learn best when we work together with our peers in organized classroom settings. Class time work is therefore invaluable and attendance is vital. When a student misses a class, she/he misses out on an important part of the course.  If a student must be out for an extended & planned absence, let the teacher know as far in advance as possible so that alternative work may be assigned. A Student’s level of proficiency in classwork counts for 35% of the course grade.

  3. Communication: Progress reports are always available under the parent portal of “Power School”, OV’s electronic assessment system. It is updated regularly. Report cards are mailed home every 6 weeks. Contact me by phone, e-mail or schedule a meeting. Conversation is the best way to assess academic progress, so please feel free to contact me as needed.


Note: I am asking that a signed copy be returned to insure that your child shared this with you, THANKS