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You are required to build and complete a novel folder with each Paulsen book that you read. The novel folders help you to think about the text and beyond the text. Gary Paulsen is considered by many to be one of the great American writers for children and young adults. His text is rich with detail and imagery and sometimes offers a deeper meaning. What did you learn from reading his work?

Discussion Participation

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Have you posted in the discussion forum? You must post or respond to someone else's post at least once every ten days. If you have a free minute in class, use it to contribute!!!

Coming along?

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How are things coming along? You should all have completed your folders, at least two summarizations with related pictures, and at least one of each of the first five windows in your folder. If you have any questions about your folders, please ask. I will be meeting with each of you at least twice each week about your reading and your folder.

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