About Me

     Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be a teacher.  As a child I played school with my brothers and sisters. I think that it was destiny that I would grow up to be a teacher. 

    Every day I am greeted by students who can't wait to share their stories with me, tell me a joke or just talk.  I too love to share my stories, tell jokes or just talk!

    Now that I am focusing on teaching reading to 5th graders I stress that when they were young they were learning to read, but now that they are older they are reading to learn!

    I look forward to meeting my new students and sharing my love of books with them.





                        Expo Marker

                        Ear Buds

                        Pencil Sharpener

                        Colored Pencils

                        Water Bottle

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      Mrs. Kim Faber's Classroom

17 Neshobe Circle

Brandon, VT 05733

802-247-3721 ext. 2035



Silver Lake 2017


              You're off to Great Places  

                  " Today is your day! 
             Your mountain is waiting, 
               so get on your way!"

                       Dr. Seuss


Integrated Arts Schedule

      Monday         P.E.

      Tuesday        Spanish

      Wednesday   Art

      Thursday      P.E.

      Friday           Music