Surfing the Sites

Technology has changed a lot since my days as a student at Barstow. The black and green screen of Oregon Trail and Logo (the green turtle that created shapes) on the Apple IIgs are long gone. Dial up to connect to AOL has been replaced. In fact much has become obsolete. As we try to keep up with the evolving technologies, teachers expand the venue of the classroom to the web. Below are just a couple of sites that our class will use. Check them out and if you ever have a question about a site's use, please contact me.

Bridges Second Edition Family Resources — For support in Bridges, our school's math program, browse this site.

Looking for a little extra math? This is the site for you. Test your fact fluency skills. — Refer to the parent letter on how to set up your child's xtramath account. If you need an additional copy, get in touch. This is a great addition or alternative to the multiplication cards students practice each night.

Math Resources — Need a break from Xtra math but still want to practice your math skills? Check out the links on this website.Be sure to read the descriptions and directions of the games so that you know what to do.

Multiplication 4 in a Row - Try your hand at a version of connect four combined with multiplication facts. I can't seem to beat the computer!

Vermont Secretary of State: Kids' Page — Check out this link to develop or increase your knowledge of our great Green Mountain State.

Youngzine — Check out this fantastic website for students. At last there is a place for children to read up on current events. Looking to add some variety to your fiction reading diet? Read some of these nonfiction articles!