Just What Will We Be Learning?

The state of Maine comes to mind when I reminisce about fourth grade. I remember it was the topic of my first report. At some point during that year, I also wrote a report about the Golden Eagle, and another about Calvin Coolidge, one of our nation's former presidents that was raised in Vermont. While the standards and expectations for a fourth grader may have changed, it is still an exciting year full of learning, and learning is just what we will do this year!

Have you ever learned to play an instrument? How do I read a map? Just what is the product of 12X11? A rock isn't just a rock? Authors can do what? We are authors? The list of questions runs long, as these are just a few of the questions fourth graders will ponder and be able to answer as we journey through fourth grade together.

Just what will we be learning

If you are interested in learning about the various core and content area standards fourth grade students are expected to become proficient within, check out the following links.