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A Letter From the Barstow Unified Union School Board Regarding the FY18 School Budget

January 23, 2017

The Barstow Unified Union School Board (BUUSD) has approved a PK-12 budget of $4,949,750 for FY18.  This represents a - .36% decrease in net education spending from FY 2017.  This school budget for FY18 will be presented at the annual BUUSD meeting on February 28th at 6:30 p.m in the Hall at Barstow Memorial School.  I hope you can join us so we can share with you our accomplishments and what lies ahead. The board’s highest priority for Barstow remains the same: to provide the best education for our students with high quality programing at a reasonable cost to the taxpayers in Chittenden and Mendon.

Our high quality staff at Barstow is the absolute best resource we have for our students.  Without them, Barstow could not provide the rigorous opportunities that we do for our students. The  challenge for any board is to continue to hire and keep the best staff while also responding to declining enrollments.  The reality is that the vast majority of school budget expenses is staffing. Therefore, this requires boards to always look to “right size” staffing as enrollments decline.

In addition to continued enrollment decline, this year we have the added challenge of the state changing the hold harmless provision. That means we no longer have  “ghost” students in our budget which helped mitigate the financial impact of declining enrollment.  The FY18 budget reflects actual students in our system.  The loss of ghost students may put pressure on the tax rate in the coming year.  

There are a few knowns below that the board would like to share with you in advance.   

  • A continued decline in student enrollment at Barstow has resulted in a reduction of 1.4 Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) to right size the staff to the current student population.

  • Due to increased special education needs at Barstow the model for these services have been modified. This includes a school psychologist based at  Barstow to provide a higher level of support to students.

  • Equalized per pupil costs are below the state average despite a legislative change in the equalized per pupil spending formula. This resulted in the loss of the majority of “ghost” students at Barstow. (For more information on this legislation go to Title 16, section 4010(f).)

  • The loss of Barstow’s ghost students this year has caused an increase in spending per equalized pupil, and therefore, there is an anticipated slight increase in our tax rate of 1.82% and 1.72% respectively for the  towns of Chittenden and Mendon.

  • The two towns will receive a $.06 tax benefit due to the passage of ACT 46. The anticipated tax rates above reflects this reduction.  

So please join us on February 28th. All meeting documents can be found at http://www.rnesu.org/school-boards/barstow-unified-union-school-board.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle M Erickson, BUUSD Board Chair

Barstow Memorial School


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RNESU is  looking for individuals interested in being added to our district sub list for custodians. If you know anyone who works part time, is retired or would like an opportunity for a little extra spending money please share with them our need for subs. Flexibility with schedule is a must. Sub rate of pay for custodial subs is $10.50/hr. 

Applications can be obtained on our website (link provided below). Applications may be returned to Stephen Eaton, Facilities Manager. 

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