8th grade HOMEWORK

    Nov 19 - complete the letter to the device manufacturer. I am collecting draft, scoring uide, RAFT sheet, and final during class tomorrow. 

    Nov 4th - The river writing piece is due on Wednesday Nov 6th with no more class time. 
    I am collecting: 
    1. The reading with your notes
    2. The questions
    3. The graphic organizer you used to organize your thoughts
    4. both drafts. 

    Use the following peer evaluation format to get feedback and make your final iteration the best.

    A. peer eval -use three colored pencils 
    Green - underline the variables that were used
    Yellow - evidence that was used from the text 
    Red - evidence that was used from the map. 

    If the evaluator can not find any of those parts a note should be made in the margin and the writer should add that detail or evidence.

    B Different peer evaluator
    Look for and underline key words (vocab)  from the reading ( for example: discharge. watershed, riparian , loitic, ephemeral, topography, erosion, sediment, churning, flow, spring-fed, turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, nutrients, elevation) You should have 5-7 new words used correctly in your writing piece. 

    Oct 3 - Define the following vocabulary: Engineer, Collaborate, Evaluate, Iteration, Criteria, Constraints
    While entering the definitions into your engineer notebook, think about what you have done in the engineering design process that relates to each word. 

    Oct 4 - Engineering Design Challenge - Students should be gathering the materials they need to begin building their flow meters. 

    Sept 12th
    Complete the East Creek Paragraph answering the question, "What is the health of East Creek. Use evidence to support your claim."  For the closing sentence make some suggestion for how we can use this information in the community. Turn your Paragraph in to the sub in the yellow folder. Mr. Douglass will check off your name when you put your paper in the folder.

    Below are the sub Plans:

    1.    Class starter – Write  a good solid definition for engineering.

    2.    Turn in East Creek paragraph. I have a folder, check off their name if their page is in the folder.

    3.    Send 3-4 at a time into the computer lab – they are to print a image of the Engineering Design Process. I showed them how on Thursday. They should bring it back and paste it on the inside front cover of their Engineering Notebook

    4.    Show Valcour definition of Engineering and have them write it into their notebook on the first page.

    5.    Click on Crome, Netflix should be there. If it isn’t go to Netflix and type Mythbusters in the search. The episode is called “Anti gravity device.”

    6.    Watch Mythbusters – make a bulleted list of proof for and against the statement:

    “The Mythbusters guys are engineers. “