Course Expectations

Welcome to the world of Advanced Lit and Composition for the Class of 2018!

The essential aptitude for this course is a willingness to complete the work required, particularly when it comes to reading the entire text before the due date as well as to come to class with full rough drafts when required.

As soon as assessments are completed, they will be posted on Power School in the following categories:
Homework (20%)    Projects    (10%)    Quizzes    (30)    Papers/Tests    (40)

According to the policy established by the College Board, a course that carries the designation of Advanced Placement requires that students take the Advanced Placement Exam in Literature and Composition.
Exam date is the Wednesday, 9 May 2018, and lasts 3 ½ hours. The cost of the exam is $47.00 for the student, with OVUHS paying the other half.

Please use the acknowledgement form below:

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Michael Dwyer

(802) 247-6833 X 269

AP Literature and Composition Overview

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