Advanced Placement European History

Michael F. Dwyer

Syllabus 2017–2018

Text: Kagan, Ozment, Turner, The Western Heritage Since 1300, Tenth Edition

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(Quizzes will usually be given at the end of the block. Tests will usually be given in the last fifty to sixty minutes of the block.

C. 1815 to 1914

VIII.   New Nation States, Urban Changes, and Modern Thought

Assignment: Chapter 22

Class notes:

                                Towards an Industrial Society

        The Labor Force

         Classical EconomicsThe Crimean War

         Italian Unification

         German Unification

France: From Liberal Empire to the Third Republic

                                Russia: Emancipation and Revolutionary Stirrings

                                Great Britain: Toward Democracy

Due:  5 February  2018 Quiz

Assignment: Chapter 23

Class notes: The Middle Classes in Ascendancy

Assignment: Chapter 24

Class notes: The New Reading Public

Christianity and the Church under Siege

Due: 15 February 2018  Quiz for Chapters 23 and 24

IX.   Imperialism and World War I

Assignment: Chapter 25

Class notes: India—The Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire

Russian Expansion in Mainland Asia

Western Powers in Asia

Tools of Imperialism

Due: 5 March 2018 Quiz  

D. 1914 to Present

Assignment: Chapter 26.

Class notes: World War I

Due: 15 March 2018 Unit Test and Notes  

X. Totalitarian Dictatorships and World War II

Assignment: Chapter 27

Class notes: The Fascist Experiment in Italy

                               German Democracy and Dictatorship

Due: 5 April  2018 Quiz

Assignment: Chapter 28

Class notes: Again the Road to War

World War II

Due: 13 April 2018 Unit Test and Notes

XI. Cold War to European Union and the 21st Century

Assignment: Chapter 29

Class notes: The Emergence of the Cold War

The Khrushchev Era in the Soviet Union

Later Cold War Confrontations

The Brezhnev Era

Due: 26 April 2018 Quiz

Assignment: Chapter 30

Class notes: Art since World War II

                    The Christian Heritage

Late-Twentieth Century Technology: Arrival of the Computer

Due: 11 May 2018 Unit Test and Notes

Friday, 18 May 2018 Advanced Placement European History Exam


           Enrichment presentations due last week of May.