Work Profile

Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology (IGIB) is a premier knowledge based laboratory of CSIR, India and is engaged in various aspects of Biotechnology research viz., Bioinformatics, Functional Genomics, Proteomics, Bio-active molecules, Recombinant DNA technology, Allergy and Environmental Biotechnology etc. I am involved in overall planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects relating to these subject areas. IPR protection and management of the know how conceived and developed at the institute. I am also contributing in efforts to take the knowledge base so developed to the market place.

IPR Protection and Management

                       Identification of commercializable knowledge base developed from the R&D work in the institute.

                       Advise scientists in converting the know how into patentable form by working closely with the S&T  groups of the  R&D projects, recognizing and calling attention to ideas of  proprietary value

                       Conducting searches of patent and non-patent databases, Drafting of patent applications, timely disclosure of patentable technologies. assistance in filing copyright and trademark registrations through IPMD of CSIR.

                       Responsible for the collation of patent documentation, investigative activities concerning proprietary technology, ensuring the completeness of disclosures.

                       Coordination and control of international and national patent filings with IPMD and  attorney, monitoring the time limits, assistance in  patent prosecution, monitoring Gazette publications to keep abreast of latest developments and patent filings  and monitoring of infringements.

                       IP Landscaping and claim mapping studies for technology profiling and Licensing.

                       Responsibilities also include evaluating and monitoring competitor patent portfolios, reviewing and analyzing license agreements for IP provisions, and providing IP and technical analysis in support of patent litigation.

                       Conducting training program on Patenting Issues, giving presentations on patenting and regulatory issues at IGIB and at various fora.

                       Creating awareness among employees to ensure proper handling of proprietary matters.

R&D Project: Management

           Planning and deployment of human and financial resources for the R&D projects,

           Preparation of plan documents and reports,

           Highlighting Institutes R&D achievements in the global arena,

           Reporting and Evaluation of R&D contributions and outputs,

           Human Resource Development,

           Compliance with GOI regulatory guidelines,

Business Development and Marketing

                     Identification of commercializable knowledge base generated out of R&D projects of the institute.

           Efforts for sourcing of industrial/academic collaborators

           Negotiations and discussion with the potential collaborator,

           Costing of know how /product

           Drafting of MoU and agreements.