I have heard grumblings from those of you being upset with making flyers in the HomeSmart system as well as bumping in to trouble with other tech issues.  If you need training on anything involving our business please let me know.  I have time to help you one on one which I have found is most efficient as I can dedicate the time to whatever it is that you need help with and I was thinking that if it is easier I can probably handle where I remote in to your computer instead of having you come in to the office if it helps.  For those of you who take advantage of this I believe it has worked out and I am ready when you have the next challenge.  If we can't figure out something there is usually a work around.  If you are up against and need immediate help, again please reach out, I will do my best.  I like helping with this stuff so it is just a matter of contacting me.  Thank you, BGW