I thought it would be a good idea to cover how our company name should be displayed.  Our doing business name with the Ohio Division of Real Estate & The Ohio Secretary of State is "Top Flight Professionals".  The best way I know how to break this all down is our legal name is "Top Flight Professionals" and our name for marketing purposes is "HomeSmart Top Flight Professionals".  So when I see just HomeSmart in your signature or HomeSmart TFP you are not depicting our name properly and are in violation.  When marketing yourself in your email signature, voicemail greeting, on Facebook or any other location on the web, in print or otherwise please offer the entire name (no abbreviations) "HomeSmart Top Flight Professionals" this way you get the marketing benefits of the name and we stay compliant with the State of Ohio.  When filling in forms (example: Agency Disclosure), should you want to abbreviate, simply leave off HomeSmart and put in Top Flight Professionals as this is our legal name and HomeSmart is not required.  It would be helpful if you could please review your voicemail greetings, email signatures, web presence and other marketing to insure that you are displaying our name as it should be so we avoid any conflicts.  Should I see anything that is not compliant moving forward I will let you know so you can correct.  Thanks very much, BGW