Please do not change pages on an accepted contract.  It is risky and you would never find an attorney doing it.  Last week an agent outside of our company submitted two pages from an existing contract with changes on them along with a removal of contingencies.  If the client wants to go along with the changes then please have them sign the removal of contingencies but please do not have the pages signed and let them know it is a risky practice that we do not partake in.  There is too much of a chance that pages could be omitted, especially with all of the parties involved.  Also, should a residential property disclosure frorm need to be updated due to something occurring after it was completed, please use our blank addendum and remove Addendum A from the top and add amendment to property disclosure form at top and then forward to seller and ask that they please fill out to the best of their knowledge, sign, date and return and that can be added to the original.  Again this practice lessens the risk of omission of a page(s) due to confusion.  Any questions on this please let me know.  Thanks, BGW