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Redfin listing offer and..

posted Mar 23, 2019, 9:51 AM by Brian G. Walsh   [ updated Mar 23, 2019, 10:42 AM ]
When you list a home you are probably receiving an offer from Redfin asking to extend an accepting offers date to those who have viewed the listing on Redfin's website.  I have pondered this and believe we should not get involved as it it conveys a message similar to auctioning which we are not doing.  If for some reason you think it is a good idea I am happy to discuss with you and at a minimum you would need to explain to your seller client and obtain their permission to get involved.

On another note: When we do list a home and go live in the MLS the listing should be all of the following:

1) Complete with all fields filled out including room dimensions.

2) Have a well written description.  You can use our headline analyzer for the first sentence of the description and keep wording to a minimum.  I understand that not all of us are the best at writing but some effort should be put forth to make the property appealing, revealing it's highlights.  I am available to help with this if you are struggling but please give me notice (I am decent at writing but not good at being creative with 10 minutes notice).

3) Photos.  Most of us are not good at photography and snapping off shots from our iphones and posting them is usually substandard.  Quality images are essential and the amount of photos, order and repetition all play in to properly displaying the property.  Property highlights (like a built in pool) should appear early in the sequence (since we can't have as primary) and multiple shots of rooms should be kept to a minimum so we don't bore the viewer and lose them.  An orderly sequence makes it more interesting for the buyer, too.  Here is an example of a place I sold in Fairview Park that was interesting and fun to write about.  Again I am happy to help with this stuff, our clients pay a large sum for our services and deserve our best.  Example