When a mistake is made at the front desk please let the front desk know to correct.  If the mistake really shouldn't have been made, example: you put the correct amount of taxes on the MLS input sheet and the half year amount was added instead please let me know about it.  If I don't know about this stuff then there is a good chance it will be repeated, if I know then I can attempt to find a solution to stop it from happening again while letting staff know to be on the look out, too.  Not to long ago we were having issues with listing descriptions and errors, I was able to put a task in the PP listing checklist letting staff know to double check descriptions before going live with listing and I believe we have had less, if any errors since.  Much of this stuff occurs because of habits (example: staff double checks tax records per my instructions to make sure correct and instead of posting annual amount posts half year amount shown on records).  Thanks, BGW