Effective January 1, 2018, we will have only one split program which will replace the other split programs.  I decided to do this in an effort to be more competitive in the marketplace for attracting additional agents.  The plan will be an 80% with no monthly fees and a cap of $15,988.00 (HSF fees will remain unchanged).  There is a certain production point where the 85% program makes a little more sense then the new program so those who are currently on the 85% plan will have the option of remaining on it for as long as you like but once you opt out will not have option to go back.  You will receive an email about this directly and shortly thereafter I will send a Docusign to acknowledging the change.  For those on 85%, unless I hear from you stating that you want to stay on the 85% the Docusign you will receive will change you to the new 80% for 2018.  The Full fee plan will remain unchanged.