I thought I would mention again the importance of writing letters to sellers on behalf of our buyer clients in an effort to let them know how much they really like the home and how well suited it is for them along with their offer.  I have heard many success stories from Lorri Marginian in writing these heartfelt letters including but not limited to winning in multiples.  It would be my guess that most sellers would value a letter from a buyer as most want to see their home go to someone who really likes it and/or may have things in common with them when they first purchased it.  It takes some time and thought but I can't tell you how many times Lorri has told me it helped her clients.  Lorri also displays a similar letter at her listings written from her seller(s) describing why they bought the home and has had similar successes in that regard.  Again, it takes some time and thought but pays dividends far in excess of the effort.  Thanks, BGW