Whenever we represent a buyer or seller at a minimum we will need a warranty waiver signed.  Even if it is our buyer and the seller is offering a warranty we will need the waiver.  And if our buyer buys our listing at a minimum we will need a waiver signed by both buyer(s) and seller(s) and if seller is offering warranty then we would still need waiver signed by buyer.  The easiest way to remember this is whenever you are working with a buyer or a seller at a minimum under all circumstances we will need a warranty waiver signed (just like the consumer guide).  We include warranties in both listing and sale packets to help you remember this.  APHW covers 75% of our deductible (up to $3,750) if we get sued as long as we can provide a signed warranty or waiver for our client(s) on that transaction.  I will take the time to show staff how to scour documents so they only request what is essential.  In the event there is any confusion you are always free to let me know.