If you are presented with an offer that has an escalation clause addendum attached (because you are in multiples) please get with me so I can explain the best way to deal with this. 

The Good Funds law went in to affect Thursday, April 6.  This adds some complexity to our earnest money policy.  Currently we deposit earnest money with the escrow company.  With the new law, escrow companies will only be able to accept checks for $1,000.00 or less.  I am thinking of a workaround for when we have earnest money amounts in excess of this amount but in the meantime please do your best to keep earnest money to the $1,000.00 amount and if it exceeds this amount we will need to deposit it in our trust account so please have check made payable to: Top Flight Professionals (you can leave the HomeSmart off).  This will affect closing somewhat, too.  Funds in excess of $1,000 required to close will need to be transferred to the escrow company electronically.  Here is an ARTICLE written by the gems at OAR.

If you need the link to your new income sheet the front desk can provide it to you upon request.  Your old links will retain income for income earned prior to change but will be taken down soon so best to download now and retain for your 2017 taxes.