HomeSmart has come out with a system similar to our old HomeInfoLine product.  I thought it was going to be free but it appears they will be charging for it and they won't know what they will be charging until a few companies use it for the 90 day free trial so they can ascertain what it costs them and establish a price.  In order to take advantage we would have to purchase small free standing signs or riders that would be easy for the consumer to see.  It seems to me that this technology is a lot less popular then it once was and one of the reasons I did not pursue after we had troubles with ours was the intrusive nature of contacting people who were simply calling in to get information.  I did not want to make any decisions on this without your input so please let me know your thoughts.  Here is a link to a brief description of the product (in the video it says there will be no added fee for the service outside of the sign cost, they have since decided to charge).  Thanks, BGW