Linda & Barb thought it would be good if I post the following housekeeping items:

When mailing earnest money checks to the escrow company please include the property address so we/they don't struggle trying to figure out what deal it is for..  When our staff mails it for you, they include the earnest money letter if we have it or an enclosure with the address of the deal and your name.  

The Data Collection Sheet needs to be completed for us to enter into the home warranty cos. system before the deal closes in order for you to get paid per RESPA.  If we don't get it to the home warranty company you don't gat paid and we only police the deal prior to closing.

When requesting that your listing goes to Contingent Status, please supply the contract date and the reason for the contingency as they are required fields and we can't change status without them.  Below please find reasons for contingency:

Court Approval
House Sale
Other – See Remarks
Short Sale

Thank you!