Recently we were audited by the Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds.  I am happy to report that it went extremely well but must admit that it was a reminder to me of the importance of compliance.  I am in the process of rebuilding our paperless system and organizing checklists so we do a better job of accounting for all of our necessary documents.  Some of the checklists ask for items that do not apply and so I am tending to these details to eliminate all unnecessary distractions.  Soon staff will know exactly what is missing so please cooperate when asked for anything they might need.  The goal is to have complete files well in advance of closing.  Should you receive redundant requests please let staff know so they can update me and I can investigate and remove.  Overall you have done well and I appreciate that!  Where we will need some improvement will be on the selling side of transactions please look for staff to ask for the signed consumer guide, also for those of you who may have forgotten we need to either have our clients purchase a warranty or waive it (sign at waiver) if we expect America's Preferred Home Warranty to insure 75% of our E&O deductible.  Without one or the other this coverage is lost and we are exposed to the tune of $3,750.00.  I am also working on checklists and systems to assist staff in the day to day tasks such as; listing input, commission disbursements, status changes and other things so there are less bumps in the road in our daily business.  For now I have turned off PP auto requests to save you from the burden of redundant requests.  I have set up an archive in PP (per request by Keith) for consumer guides so when you sign up a buyer you can send to PP or front desk and they will archive until you sell them.  When sending to front desk if you do not refer to a specific transaction that will trigger staff to archive it with the client's name as the file name.