Hoping this will be the last time I mention Craigslist.  We have been experiencing some scams with our for sale listings.  Ads are being posted on Craigslist offering our listings for rent.  When people call the ad the person tells them that they have withdrawn for sale listing from RE/MAX and that they live out of state and are renting it.  They tell the unsuspecting party to send them the security deposit and then they will let them in to home.  And yes there are those who fall for this stuff (that is why they do it).  If you receive a call regarding one of these scams do the following: Go to google and type in the address number and street name of property and the word craigslist, if the fraudulent ad appears flag it so Craigslist removes it.  This is not new and has been going on for some time but is impossible to stop.  Thanks, BGW