Recently I read an article that discussed above.  In the NEOHREX system whether we be in CRIS or NORMLS we do not need to be concerned about being protected in terms of cooperating compensation.  If we sell something in CRIS we are obligated to be paid per the rules.  However, if you sell something In Firelands you are not.  In other words, if you show and sell something they can refuse cooperating compensation because we are not a part of their MLS.  I have not run in to this and can't imagine why someone would not cooperate but thought you should know that it is not just a given that because we are all REALTORS that you can assume you will be compensated.  On the occasion that you might show something you can ask for written confirmation from listing agent before showing it.  I don't believe we have to worry about most agents for two reasons:  1) Most don't even know about this.  2) Most would gladly cooperate.  Thank you.