I will be submitting 1099 information to vendor on December 28, 2017 so we get these out right away.  Your 1099 will be what you received after all expenses depicted on your income sheet so you won't need to give those expenses to your accountant (just give them the 1099 and that will take care of that).  The only other thing you will need to give your accountant is what you paid us in office fees.  These two things will sum up all income and expenses as far as the company goes and you will then only need submit your personal expenses.

The vendor handling our 1099's is called Greatland Yearli.  You will receive an email giving you access to a .pdf of your 1099 and a paper copy in the mail so should you receive something in your inbox from Greatland Yearli on December 28, 2017 it will be your 1099.  If you are not comfortable obtaining via the web then you can wait for paper copy.