This service gives you the ability to send PDF's, Word, Excel, CSV, HTML, JPG, TIFF, & Plain Text format documents as attachments to a fax machine. 

Here are steps:

1)  Attach the document you are sending to your E-mail message. 

2)  For the E-mail address use the ten digit fax number you are sending to (you don't need the 1 in front)

3)  In the E-mail subject line put:     4407937202         or         4407937202 'cover page'    
(if you want a cover page - you need the apostrophe on either side of 'cover page')

4)  In the message body type your cover page or leave blank if you don't need one.

5)  Hit Send, your done!

You will receive a fax receipt indicating whether fax was successful or not.