Additional Services

Adobe Acrobat Used to create forms that can be type-filled and saved using the free adobe reader
Boomerang Gmail add on for sending email in future, recurring email and returning email to inbox.  $149 annually.
Classic Shell Add the classic start menu and other Windows enhancements for free
doPDF Free PDF creator without ads
DocuSign I recently reviewed digital signature platforms.  Docu-sign is still best for the buck.  No, I don't like Dotloop.
Firefox My browser of choice.  I use the following Extensions: Open Bookmarks in New Tab, Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar & Lastpass.  I also use Firefox Sync.
Google Apps I got lucky and locked up a free account before they started charging.  I use Gmail (the best), Canned Responses, Sites, Calendar, Contacts & Voice (for sending texts from my email).
Google Drive Cloud storage for my files. (Google Drive was best option after Dropbox discontinued Public Folder)
Grandstream Inexpensive, durable IP phones that we use at our office.  Model# GXP1450
Headline Analyzer Our MLS does not allow for headlines.  We use this to help construct the first line of text in our listing descriptions as a replacement for the missing headline,
Inbox Pause Slick Gmail add on for Firefox & Chrome that stops incoming mail and sends optional message.
KeyBank Our bank.  We use Key Total Treasury for sending funds via ACH, Key Capture for scanning checks and Key Business Online for accessing our accounts.  The combination of these services helps us bring efficiency in paying commissions and bills as well as depositing checks at a total cost of about $1,000.00 per year.
KompoZer Free html editor.  I use it all the time.
Lastpass Excellent password manager that I use and have set up for my staff.  I have not investigated others. 
Netlify Drop Hosting platform for static websites.
Notepad Comes free with Microsoft boxes.  Some things never die.
OpenOffice Apache Software Foundations free version of Microsoft Office.  We use Writer (Word) and Calc (Excel).
Paperless Pipeline I have not done a lot of research with regard to transaction management platforms but feel lucky that I got involved with Paperless Pipeline.  Easy to use, reasonable tier pricing and all of the functionality we need.
Patriot Software Our payroll service.  We are on monthly payroll.  Less than half the price of Paycor and better support. 
Quickbooks Online Never have to worry about upgrades, recurring payments & invoicing is helpful as is syncing with bank accounts. A little slow but cloud based version suits us best.
Spanning Backup Backup for my Google Apps, Drive & Sites content and Gmail messages.  
Teamviewer I use for remote access.  Free for personal use.  Very reliable.