New license law requirement | If you advertise your name differently than it appears on your license

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Advertising Requirements. The language in this rule regarding name identification by licensees in advertising will now require licensees who want to use a nickname, initials, middle name or maiden name to register that name with the Division. This will be required in order for licensees to advertise in any name that is different than the licensee’s name as it appears on their license, and will include even common nicknames or derivatives of a first name such as Dave, Jim, Pat, Chris, Debbie, etc. It will also allow for use of more unusual nicknames such as Buzz, Skip, Buffy, etc. The Division is in the process of finalizing a form to register such names. REALTORS will be notified and provided a link to this form as soon as it is available. The Division has indicated that licensees will be given ample time to comply with this new registration process.

You can lookup your name HERE to see how it currently appears on your license.

Releases for purchases & listings..

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The above used to have my signature embedded but now will require that I sign them.  I have set up a Docusign template for both to ease the burden.  Thanks, BGW

Welcome Home Funds available on March 1st!

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New Agency Disclosure

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The ODRE has issued a new agency disclosure form and I have updated our forms to reflect this change.  Please download and use the purchase packets at our website or the individual agency disclosure form so you are compliant with this new form.  The changes are very subtle but at the bottom of each page you will see Effective 02/10/19. Thanks, BGW

Now hiring..

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Tien has decided to go to back to school to learn computer programming and will be leaving us at the end of the month.  I will be setting up the hiring machine to replace her and keep you in the loop with our progress.  Please keep all transaction related matters coming to the front desk and I will be handling them during regular business hours (M-F 11a-4p) through the front desk.  Thank you, BGW

Brian Buffini Podcast..

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For those of you who may be interested, Nora Sternquist offered the following LINK to above.  Thanks, BGW

Please do this in your Docusign account..

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Docusign Auto Template Matching

When working with buyers..

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Terry Crist told me of a practice that helps him when he has two buyers (example husband & wife) rank a home when they are looking.  After showing them a home he asks them both to rank it from 1 - 7 and they cannot rank using 5 (they can only rank 1-4, 6 or 7).  Terry has had a lot of success with this exercise and I suppose there isn't any reason why you couldn't use when working with individual buyers, too.  Thanks, BGW


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This Sunday, Feb. 10th, I will be heading to Tucson for time away.  I will be back officially on Monday, February 18th.  If you need me while I am away it will be best to call as my access to email will be limited. Thanks very much, BGW

Tech help..

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For those of you who are interested I am happy to schedule a time to meet with you at the office to give you tech training on any of the services we offer.  This includes: Docusign, Paperless Pipeline, Gmail, CSS, MLS, etc.  I can accommodate your schedule and cater to what you need help with vs picking a random date and topic that might not suit you or be available to your schedule.  Evenings work also..  Thank, BGW

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