80% commission plan

$95 transaction fee and that's it, no other fees!

We use predictable systems for processing your transactions that make your life easier. 

When you need assistance, quality help and advice are available. 

We provide the technology you need and it's reliable. 

We don't saddle you with things that are non-productive. 

We do not waste your money on large expensive office space or employ excessive staffing, we are fiscally responsible so we
can get the most money in to your pocket. 

We keep you up to date with changes in the industry so we stay compliant. 

We do things for you that you don't have time to do. 

We don't nickle and dime you with E & O fees, tech fees, CSS fees, monthly fees, annual dues, etc. 

At every turn we are trying to remove steps and complexities to lighten the load. 

Please feel free to reach out to any of our agents to get their thoughts on how it is to work with us.

Real Estate Simplified!