What our agents like about Top Flight Professionals..

Gae Stakich

# 1 REASON... Brian Walsh

I respect and trust my Broker, Brian Walsh. His passion for excellence is commensurate with my own. He walks the walk and talks the talk... He leads by example, always doing the right thing. He is always available to discuss and help us with any issues we are experiencing. His honesty and integrity are beyond reproach.

# 2 REASON... Our team & our space

Our experienced team is very diverse in the ways we do our work, while maintaining the same core values. I would buy or sell a home with any one of them. I always feel free to be me, and that feels good! Our new space is awesome, and I am proud to bring our customers into our conference rooms. All of our equipment and programs are state of the art and they are always working! I have truly enjoyed being part of the team and am excited about our recent switch to HomeSmart.

# 3 REASON... My personal growth

I began feeling the huge changes in our industry around 15 years ago, mainly the use of technology, which was certainly not my strong suit. I came to Brian's office to learn from the best, and continue to grow, and to be the best. My decision to work with him and our team twelve years ago has been one of the best I have made in my nearly four decade career.

Linda Smith

1) Naturally, I love the $$$!
2) I love the sign... only my phone number with lots of white space. It eliminates the need for a "floor person" because all calls come directly to me. Sellers appreciate this because they know no one is as well versed on their home as me!
3) I love the technology... and having the broker we do just "doubles the fun" because he is very  "techie" too!
4) I love that it's a paperless company.  Though we as an office have been paperless for years, it's nice to be associated with a company that is. 
5) I LOVE that HomeSmart is a privately held company... none of this "pleasing shareholders nonsense" is necessary. It is very agent-centric.

'Nuff said!!

Mary Weidner

Here are my top three favorite things about HomeSmart Top Flight Professionals...

Programs - They are the same for everyone, fair and equitable, and in clear detail. Agents choose from those offered, and can change program and payment plan as needed at annual renewal. Because the brokerage is managed responsibly, the savings are passed on to the agents in the form of generous commission programs. Completely eliminated is the need to meet with the broker each year to "negotiate" commission percentage increases, while other agents within the brokerage are at an array of undisclosed percentages. At Top Flight Professionals, everyone is treated fairly.

Coaching - The experienced agents within the brokerage are directed and coached from a standpoint of honesty, collaboration, clear communication, and integrity, especially when faced with challenging circumstances. With the occasional drama and bad behavior of agents out there, it's nice to have a home base that keeps up with and promotes the legal and ethical practices agents are to adhere to.

Systems - The brokerage provides inventive, online resources for agents to efficiently run their businesses, allowing them to work full-steam remotely. There is so much included with the programs offered, it eliminates additional expenses for agents. The agents are proud of the gorgeous Westlake office space, and sharp franchise branding of HomeSmart Top Flight Professionals. It's a classy operation!

Geri Hatina

1.  As a professional, I love feeling like I am running my own business and Brian gives us the respect, confidence, support and trust to do that successfully.

2.  Brian is a wonderful broker who thinks out of the box.  He is an excellent problem solver and great to bounce things off.  His thinking often comes from a different place than mine and that's often just what I need to see a different perspective on an issue or a question. 

3.  We are an office of Realtors who have many years of experience.  We all have great respect for each other and all are very helpful at a moments notice.  We have monthly meetings, a home page where Brian communicates office, business news and articles of interest for us.  We are a high tech office conveniently located in Westlake, we have a paperless system for all of our transactions and have used Docusign for years. . all included and the best commission split. 

Tracey Jagielski

1) I love that HomeSmart is consistently up to date with the most recent technology...this helps me to be able to stay a step ahead of what my buyers and sellers are already searching for online. The youtube videos are great and very user friendly as well.

2) The smaller office makes for a more intimate meeting place with colleagues and management. I always feel like I'm never alone when I need assistance.

3) The agent commission split cannot be beat!

Cheryl Repko

1.  I am at HomeSmart Top Flight Professionals because I appreciate and value what the association with Brian Walsh adds to my real estate business.  He is a knowledgeable sounding board when I need a second opinion, he is always ready to help when I ask, and he often provides helpful calm insights into situations.  He is prompt in responding to calls from his agents.  Brian is on the lookout for new and improved technology so that I do not have to be searching for it and can instead concentrate on what I do best, working with buyers and sellers.  Brian's interest in technology and his expertise with technology is something that makes the lives of his agents easier.  He is there to assist.  He makes suggestions when asked and supports his agents. His long real estate experience and talent for marketing is invaluable.

2.  Technology is another reason I am with Brian's office. I like that Brian has automated systems so that I can get what I need online anytime. The systems are easy to use and I am confident in them.

3.  I like being treated as a professional at HomeSmart Top Flight Professionals.  I run my own business and make my own decisions and the office is there to assist.  I appreciate the support staff that handles some of the time consuming tasks that agents often have to perform at other companies so that I can concentrate on assisting buyers and sellers.

Krista Viola

1. All necessary paperwork is at my fingertips at all times.
2. Admin puts all of our listings into the MLS.
3. Literally everything is fine tuned so my transactions go smoothly from start to finish.
4. Broker is always there to help find solutions and assist along the way if necessary.
5. Commission program is simple and easy to understand.
6. Website is easy to navigate.
7. Our paperless system is fabulous. It keeps me organized and on top of things. And document requests are great.

Judy Langel

I like our programs. For a newer agent, getting 85% of the commission with no out pf pocket fees, plus free signs/riders, announcements and business cards just starting was great! At my last company, I received 50% commission plus they ‘nickeled and dimed’ me with other nuisance fees and I had to buy my own signs/riders-only business cards were provided.

I like how Brian has things streamlined.  I like how all the paperwork that I need is on our website and I can send everything to my clients electronically, no more running around to get signatures. 

I like all the help that Brian has given me even when my questions seemed dumb. Brian has made himself readily available for any questions/issues I have had. He’s explained/shown me how to fill out paperwork, etc.  At my last company when I had an issue/question, I was told on one occasion to ‘figure it out’.

Kevin O'Malley

Brian is the reason, very responsive, tech savvy and innovative and that is why I roll with him.  

Mary Kay

Our broker, Brian Walsh is top notch! Brian has always been on the cutting edge of technology and his office was the first in Northeastern Ohio to unveil electronic signatures with DocuSign, almost ten years ago. Our office has the most professional, friendly and helpful agents that I've ever worked with in my thirty year career. The atmosphere in our office makes me want to come in and excel at my career.

Karen Kinkopf

Over the years Brian has made himself available to assist with transactions when needed, which is especially helpful when trying to close a sale on what many would consider to be off hours!

Brian is straight forward and has the abillty to cut through to the main issues when helping bring people together in a real estate transaction. 

Broker reviews..

Lorri Marginian

I joined in May of 2007 and it was one of the best business decisions I have made.  I had been with Realty One and a RE/MAX Brokerage.  There is no comparison, at HTFP, my business thrived in a large part due to Brian Walsh.  Brian is and has been very in tune with what agents need to excel.  He has always been cognizant of what to provide his agents with to do a better job.  He stays on top of current technology and programs and provides us with the tools to make our work easier.  Brian is very accessible and stays in constant communication with us.  Most importantly though, is the fact that Brian is one of the most honest, hard working people I know.  He sets a good example for his agents and has always treated us with fairness and respect.  I can't imagine working with any other Broker.

Nora Sternquist

Brian Walsh has been my Broker & mentor since July of 2003. Brian is very straight forward and when he doesn't have the answer (very rare) will seek guidance from those who do. Brian helps me through the tough transactions and will get involved with my clients "if I ask" during those stressful times (he always has my back) and never forgets to tell a lame joke to keep my spirits up. Brian has always been ahead of the pack with technology and other services. We were one of the first companies to sign up with a showing service, were first in our market to adopt digital signatures and later integrate it with a cloud based environment and one of the first companies in the U.S. to build a listing syndication platform for our inventory. Brian made the decision to change to HomeSmart after meeting with us individually and getting our blessing. The transition was seamless and now we have a great commission split and don't have to pay anything out of pocket (only a small transaction based fee when deal closes). We have great systems in place to keep us on task with all the paper work in one place online that's accessible anytime and wonderful staff to handle our data entry so we can do what we do best.

I have yet to find another company and broker that can match or exceed the stellar arrangement I have with HTFP, Brian stands for all the things I stand for in my day to day practice.

Joe Rutkowski

I have known Brian Walsh since 1996. During that time he has been my next door neighbor, my real estate broker and best of all my friend. I always admired his work ethic, honesty, positive attitude and ability to handle whatever life dealt him.

When it came time for me to make some career changes I contacted Brian about becoming a real estate agent. He had recently opened his real estate company and I knew he would provide me with guidance and an honest assessment of the real estate industry. He didn’t disappoint me, he was candid, informative and he opened his doors to me as a new agent. Quite frankly, I am not sure if I could work for anyone else. Brian as the broker takes interest in all his agents’ success. He provides the tools needed to succeed in today’s market and stays on top of the latest, cutting edge technology. There is never a dumb question to ask and if you need advice, Brian provides it. When presented with obstacles Brian methodically looks at all sides of the matter to come to a resolution. If you are struggling, Brian is there to assist with a plan of action to help bring success. I have never had someone quite as concerned about my success or genuine well-being as Brian. Brian has helped me to navigate trials in my personal life and find the right path to becoming a happier, healthier person. For this I am grateful. He has the mindset, the drive and compassion to assist others and is, in my opinion, a man of exceptional character.