The Rocky Mountain Writing Centers Association (RMWCA) is a regional chapter (covering AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, UT & WY)  of the International Writing Centers Association.  This regional network acts as a support and resource for administrators and tutors and gathers yearly at the Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conference to celebrate and learn from those who tutor writing.

New RMWCA President                      

President’s Message

Star Coulbrooke, Utah State University

RMWCA President’s Message, September 2015

 So much for the “slower pace of summer” mentioned in my April address. At USU, we experienced the fastest-moving, busiest one ever. We launched a Community Writing Center in our downtown City Library, complete with logo, WC website link, Facebook account, and hour-long workshops once a week. We partnered with the STEM Center to establish a Science Writing Center, which has recently garnered promotional and possible financial support from the College of Science. Our campus library has invited us to expand to their facility, promising a freshly-remodeled space with computers and other amenities. We created a regional campus writing center course (on Canvas) to provide tutor training and administrative support.  We helped revise writing exam guidelines for the Education teaching track, created videos for test-prep, and implemented a program for video tutor observations and training. And those are just the highlights of our busy summer. We want to hear about your recent accomplishments. Send an email to all of us at our great list serve,

Speaking of accomplishments, Kelly Webster (University of Montana) and Michelle Miley (Montana State University) facilitated a “Montana Writing Center Administrators’ Gathering” in June for our Montana colleagues to “connect and become resources for one another, share strategies, and identify and address challenges.” This was a well-attended mini-conference, with lively discussions on the accomplishments and challenges Montana centers are experiencing. Conversations centered around “Developing a Culture of Learning” through fostering independent research, creating “Peer Pods,” and delegating tutor-led workshops with guest speakers; “Helping Faculty Help Students” by “establishing a culture of learning alongside faculty” rather than promoting a model in which faculty outsource to the writing center; and “Reflecting on Our Work,” where ideas and solutions came to light for programmatic assessment, for innovation to prevent fossilization, for strategies to build a culture of curiosity, and for tutor-supervisor mentoring programs. If you would like information about how to bring your various Centers together for a similar event, contact Kelly Webster, our President-Elect, at

On the topic of conferences and our esteemed RMWCA officers, the IWCA 2015 Conference, Writing Center (r)Evolutions, is coming right up, October 8-10, in Pittsburg. Kelly will be attending, as will our secretary Joyce Adams, treasurer Liz Kleinfeld, and outreach officer Mary Ann Judge. Watch for them to represent our region and email them at their addresses on our website if you’d like to connect while there. IWCA online registration deadline is September 30. And we hope to see many of you at the Nov. 5-8 NCPTW/RMPTC joint conference in Salt Lake City, organized by our past-president Chris LeCluyse, along with co-chairs Andrea Malouf and Clint Gardner. Jackie Grutsch McKinney is the keynote speaker. For more information and to register for the conference, go to

Other important opportunities: We are searching for a new Colorado State Rep (Congratulations to Darby Sawyer, our new Wyoming State Rep!), and are always on the lookout for potential RMWCA officers. Please consider serving our region in the future. Get involved, share your skill and talent, use the list serve to connect with everyone in our region to share ideas and resources and to promote your Center. We need your voice—we know you’re doing amazing things out there in RMWCA-land. Thanks for your time and attention; drop me a line anytime!

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RMWCA High School Directors   
Check out our new regional high school directory on the Connect page. With over 1300 entries, there is some great contact info and eye-opening trends in the Rocky Mountain West and subregionally. Make use of the directory and add to it by sending additional info to

RMWCA Executive Board Accepting Nominations and Volunteers!                                 

    The RMWCA executive board is looking to fill two vacancies. Join a group of like-minded, energized, and forward-thinking colleagues! If you are interested in serving or if you have a nominee in mind, contact Kelly Webster at


    The RMWCA secretary serves for a two-year term, which will begin immediately following the election. As a voting member of the executive board, the secretary participates in regularly scheduled meetings online or via teleconference and serves on committees as requested.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Keep RMWCA contact list current in consultation with state representatives
  • Produce a newsletter, typically twice each year and published on the RMWCA website
  • Keep minutes of all meetings and maintain an archive of official business
  • Consult with the president-elect to ensure timely website updates


    The RMWCA president-elect serves for a two-year term, which will begin in October, 2016. As an ex-officio member of the executive board, the president-elect participates in regularly scheduled meetings online or via teleconference and serves on committees as requested.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Assume the duties of the president in the president’s absence
  • Undertake responsibilities as delegated by the president
  • Issue a call for nominations and develop a slate of nominees for board positions and state representatives
  • Update the RMWCA website