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Members of a society conduct their daily lives intersecting with their established educational, political, cultural, religious, commercial, familial, community and governmental organizations. These organizations require effective and flexible leaders and followers to maintain a well-functioning society and enable members to adapt to inevitable change. Organizational Leadership is an interdisciplinary program emphasizing the analytical and practical skills necessary to effectively participate in a wide range of society's organizations.   You will learn and practice how leaders recognize opportunity and motivate individuals and groups, and how followers choose leaders and why.

The B.S. in Organizational Leadership degree offers a foundation in many aspects of leading and following: the process of influencing others and adapting to change, ethical behavior, organizational culture and global perspectives, purposeful communication, and the use of information for decision making.  This major prepares you for a wide variety of career options in which your universalist knowledge about people and organizations enables you to plan goals and implement strategies drawing on the capabilities of all kinds of participants.   Graduates with this degree seek and obtain jobs and careers in administration, management, and entrepreneurial ventures in corporate, government, family, military, and non-profit organizations.

The M.S. in Organizational Leadership degree builds on your experience as a member of society interacting with multiple institutions, whether occupational, educational, political, cultural, social, communal, for example, to learn how to effectively develop strategies for adapting to change. To provide you with a deeper understanding of  how leaders and followers create and adapt, you will study the theories and strategies of leadership, conflict negotiation, critical thinking, and ethics and change, as well as managing information and technology, and analyzing human behavior in cultural contexts.

These degree programs are offered in 8-week sessions, offered at multiple starting points throughout the year, either partially online or fully online.


Our certificate programs are offered in 8-week sessions, offered at multiple starting points throughout the year, either partially online or fully online.

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