Librarian Liaison Assignments

 School /Department/Program Librarian Liaison
 School of Business 
 Accounting & Taxation  Chloe Mills
 Finance Abi Ibraheem
 Management Chloe Mills
 Marketing Jackie Klentzin
 Sport Management 
 School of Informatics, Humanities, and Social Sciences 
 Communication Skills Jackie Klentzin
 Communications David Bennett
 Computer Information Systems David Bennett
 English and the Humanities Emily Paladino
 Media Arts Christopher Devine
 Organizational Leadership Tim Schlak
 Social Sciences      Christopher Devine
 School of Nursing, Education, and Human Studies 
 Education Jackie Klentzin
 Health Services     Emily Paladino
 Nuclear Medicine Technology & Psychology Emily Paladino
 Nursing Emily Paladino
 School of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science 
 Engineering Tim Schlak
 Mathematics and Actuarial Science Tim Schlak
 Science Jackie Klentzin

The Communication Skills Program is served by our information literacy team, including, Bennett, Devine, Mills, Klentzin, and Paladino

For the CIS Doctoral program and graduate programs of all other types, faculty work in a variety of departments; faculty should contact their usual departmental liaison.