Print newspaper subscriptions
RMU Library subscribes to a number of papers in print format, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, Village Voice, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Business Times, and Beaver County Times.

Access to newspapers online
Access to many other newspapers (including Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and New Pittsburgh Courier) is available electronically through various online database subscriptions.

To see whether the Library has print or online access to a particular newspaper, search Journal Finder/Find Journals @ RMU by the newspaper title.

Finding historical newspapers
RMU Library has access to several digitized historical newspapers and newspaper collections.

The New York Times Historical Archive covers issues of The New York Times dating back to 1851.

The Times UK Digital Archive covers issues of the London Times dating back to 1785.

Accessible Archives is a digital archive collection that contains newspapers, magazines, and periodicals dating back to Colonial Times.

For information about locating, accessing, and researching historical newspapers, consult a librarian.