In the interest of maintaining a productive and non-coercive educational and work environment, the University does not permit unauthorized persons to give, collect, promote or sell merchandise or services door-to-door on campus or in campus buildings or residential areas, nor solicit, distribute information to, or recruit its students or university personnel. This policy is written to identify prohibited and permissible solicitations on University premises, or through University email systems, and to outline procedures for the request and approval of permissible solicitations.

Solicitation is defined as the requesting of a University community member's time and/or resources for the betterment of another individual or group. Solicitation may involve both on and off-campus individuals or groups engaging in direct sales, recruitment, placing of signs or posters and other activities resulting in the anticipated benefit (tangible or intangible) of the individual or group.

Unauthorized solicitation of students or employees is not permitted on RMU property. Authorized solicitations include those traditionally sponsored by the University (such as the United Way campaign, Blood drives, Scouting for Food, University Annual campaign, University Capital campaign, etc.). Additionally, fund raisers left in common areas of office buildings (passive solicitation) are permitted. Examples include candy sales, cookie sales, etc. However, approaching co-workers directly to participate in such fund-raising activities is expressively prohibited.

Anyone wishing to engage in a solicitation other than those traditionally sponsored by the University (i.e. vendors who desire to buy or sell goods and/or services, employees requesting donations for various causes) must obtain advance, written permission. Solicitations of students require written approval from the Dean of Students or his/her designate. Solicitations of employees require written approval from the Vice President for Human Resources or his/her designate. The designated location(s) for solicitation is determined by the University and will be included in the approval letter. Typically, requests to solicit all employees or all students using the email system are not approved.

Students and university personnel may not provide other students', faculty members', or staff members' campus, University email or personal address information to third parties unless specifically authorized and directly related to University business.

Failing to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action for RMU employees. Non-RMU employees may be escorted from RMU property and banned from further visits to RMU.

Effective: 9/6/06
Revised: 7/21/09

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