Personal Use of University Resources

1.0 Policy
1.1 It is the policy of Robert Morris University that University equipment, telephone lines, and other technology are the property of the University and are intended to be used for University business. It is considered inappropriate for employees to make use of University property or other resources, including time, to advance personal interests or activities.

2.0 Scope
2.1 This policy applies to full-time, regular part-time, and part-time employees.

3.0 Procedure
3.1 Department managers may allow employees to use office telephones, keep personal papers in their desks or files, or to use other technology on an incidental, limited basis.

3.1.1 Employees who violate either the license or the copyright of University software are answerable to the University and may also be legally liable to the licenser or copyright holder.

3.1.2 Overuse of telephone lines and other technology for personal business may be subject to disciplinary action.

3.1.3 Employees who have been authorized to use University equipment should not do so for personal business during their regular work schedule. This includes the use of computer games which may be on the system.

3.1.4 Employees who wish to use the University copy machines for personal business should use their personal Freedom Card. Cards may be purchased through the Freedom Card Office.

3.2 University equipment and technology should not be taken off University property unless appropriate permission is received from the department manager.

3.2.1 The department managers giving permission will be held responsible for the return of the equipment or technology.

3.2.2 Department managers should not permit persons outside the University to borrow equipment or technology.

3.2.3 In special circumstances, department managers may permit employees to take equipment home for extended periods in order to perform work at home.

3.2.4 Employees, or other departments that borrow equipment are financially responsible for the equipment if lost, stolen, or damaged.

3.3 Employees who have been found to violate this policy can be subject to the appropriate University disciplinary procedure.

4.0 Definition of Terms
4.1 Other Technology - Includes computer hardware, programs, the E-mail system, the Internet, fax machines, vehicles, or supplies.

Effective: 02/01/2000

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