Leave of Absence

1.0 Policy
1.1 It is the policy of Robert Morris University to provide a leave of absence when operational circumstances permit employees to be away from the workplace for health, personal, educational, military, bereavement, family, and jury duty reasons.

2.0 Scope
2.1 This policy applies to full-time and regular part-time employees, where identified.

3.0 Procedure
3.1 Request for Leave of Absence

3.1.1 Eligible employees are to request a leave of absence in writing to their department manager.

3.2 Approval of the Leave of Absence

3.2.1 The department manager, vice president responsible for the area, and the Assistant Vice President for Administration and Human Resources must approve the leave.

3.2.2 The department manager determines the length of the leave of absence within the established guidelines.

3.3 The maximum length of each type of leave is as follows:

Bereavement leave Up to five (5) days (immediate family member)
Up to three (3) days (close relative)
Up to one (1) day (relative)
Educational leave Up to one year (full-time only)
Extended medical leave Up to 90 days (workers' compensation and long term disability are included in this type of leave)
Family and medical leave Up to twelve weeks
Jury duty Up to two weeks (Payment purposes only)
Military leave (Refer to section 8.0)
Special and partial leaves Up to 90 days

3.4 Communication

3.4.1 The department manager will notify the employee if the leave was approved and the length that has or has not been approved.

3.4.2 In accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act, employees requesting a family leave of absence will be notified which day will be considered the first day of the leave.

3.4.3 Once the leave is approved, the Human Resources Department will contact the person in writing to inform them of requirements that must be fulfilled during the leave of absence.

3.5 Return to Work

3.5.1 Employees returning from a health leave must submit a written release to work from the attending physician. The University may require employees to be examined and evaluated by a physician of its choice prior to return to work.

3.5.2 Employees must notify their department manager at least seven calendar days prior to being placed on the schedule from all types of leaves of absence. In the event a seven (7) day notice is not given, employees may not be placed on the schedule until a seven day period has lapsed, unless specified by applicable law.

3.5.3 Employees unable to return-to-work at the end of the approved leave may request an extension from their department manager. Extensions must be approved by the department manager and the Human Resources Department.

3.5.4 An extension of a leave of absence may not exceed the maximum allowable time specified in this policy for each type of leave of absence.

3.5.5 The employment status of employees who have failed to return-to-work within the approved leave period and have not requested or received approval for an extension will be reviewed to determine if employment will be continued or terminated.

3.5.6 The employment status of employees who have exhausted the maximum length period of a leave will be reviewed to determine if employment will be continued or terminated.

3.5.7 Leaves of absence are granted with the understanding that employees may be placed back on the schedule according to the need at that time of their return to work or in accordance with applicable laws.

Effective: 02/01/2000

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