Bulletin Boards

1.0 Policy
1.1 It is the policy of Robert Morris University to allow employees the use of bulletin boards for University related business purposes only.

2.0 Scope
2.1 This policy applies to full-time, regular part-time, and part-time employees.

3.0 Procedure
3.1 If the department deems it necessary to have a bulletin board as an official means of communication with employees, the department manager or his/her designee is responsible for determining the items that can be placed on a bulletin board and any changes made to those items.

3.2 The Human Resources Department's bulletin board will be the University's official bulletin board and will contain all required government notices and University Notice of Vacancy postings.

3.3 The department manager will determine the appropriateness of items to be posted on the bulletin board. Items of a social nature directly related to the University are permitted for posting.

3.4 Under no circumstances will the department manager or his/her designee be permitted to post correspondence regarding activities of outside organizations.

3.5 Materials posted must have the appropriate University or departmental approval (i.e., Student Activities approval).

4.0 Definition of Terms
4.1 Bulletin Board - Open or glass enclosed board used to post items of a business related nature.

4.2 Outside Organizations - Groups not affiliated with Robert Morris University.

Effective: 02/01/2000