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Honors Benefits

Priority Registration
Because of the Honors Curriculum requirements and in order to recognize Patriot Scholars, all honors students will be given early access to registration each semester.

Priority Housing
Honors students are given priority for residence in the Honors Dormitory, Hamilton Hall.

Intellectual Communityintellectual community
Through the Honors Networking Lunches, small class sizes, and the Honors Thesis, Patriot Scholars enjoy one-on-one interaction with faculty members from across the university.

Honors Student Center
Patriot Scholars enjoy exclusive access to the Honors Student Center, a centrally-located space on campus for honors students to study, gather and socialize.

Honors Programming

There are many honors events each semester, including the RMU Roundtable Series, Honors Networking Lunches and Lunches with a Prof.  These gatherings provide students with the opportunity for informal, personal interaction with faculty from across the university. It is a great chance to learn about research going on around campus and to meet faculty who may serve as honors thesis advisors. Check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Patriot Scholarship
Opportunities for additional academic scholarships may be available for Patriot Scholars in good standing.

Book Clubs
All Honors students have the opportunity to join a student or faculty led honors book club. In the Spring 2017 semester, five books, "Frankenstein," "You Are What You Love," "The Lexus and the Olive Tree," "Angels and Demons," and "Eileen: A Novel" are being read in honors book clubs.

Honors Travel Fellowships
A limited amount of funds is set aside each year for Honors Travel Fellowships. Honors Travel Fellowships will help to partially offset the expenses associated with travel, lodging and conference fees for Patriot Scholars who attend research conferences. Attendance at these conferences will permit the students to interact with leaders in their fields and make presentations. Honors Travel Fellowships will be awarded through a competitive process taking into account participation in the Student Advisory Committee and other University Honors Programs events. Preference will be given to those students who have been invited to make presentations at the conference.