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Faculty Led Education Abroad Programs

Thank you for your willingness to lead education abroad programs and help further the Global Perspective Core Value within Robert Morris University. The time you spend planning and coordinating Faculty Led Education Abroad Programs (FLEAPs) makes a world of difference to students, campuses and the global community we live in.

Below is the Program Description and Requirements form.  This document provides program requirements and flow charts for the FLEAP process.  it is intended to provide you with the information teh Center for Global engagement (CGE) and the FLEAP faculty committee needs to recommend your proposal and make it the best possible experience for you and your students. We strongly suggest that you consult with the Center for Global Engagement (CGE), your Department Head and Dean before finalizing your proposal in order to discuss the logistics and planning of your program.

Initiating a Faculty Education Abroad Program:

Effective academic year 2010-2011, faculty members leading a FLEAP (Lead Faculty) are required to submit a  Faculty Intention Form and then submit a FLEAP Proposal for all new and recurring Faculty Led Education Abroad Programs (FLEAPs).   For new programs, a Site Assessment may be conducted. Refer to the Program Description and Requirements form for details.  

As required, all courses offered as part of a FLEAP must meet RMU academic standards. With some flexibility, all programs will be equal to or surpass the same quality and excellence of a program offered at an RMU campus in addition to the course competencies and content outline. The proposed education abroad program will not be approved if courses are offered for recreational and/or travel purposes only.

General Process:

A proposal form is completed in collaboration with the Center for Global Engagement. The Lead Faculty, Department Head, School Dean and the CGE Director, and RMU Abroad Chair  sign the proposal and submit it to the Vice president and Senior Vice-Provost for final approval and signature. The approved proposal will be returned to the Center for Global Engagement. The original copy will be retained at the CGE and additional copies will be sent to the initiating faculty member and the Purchasing/Fiscal Office.

Note: Each school may have additional requirements before submitting an education abroad proposal. Faculty should meet with her/his Department Head and Dean to discuss the possibility and have their initial approval before moving forward.

Program Deadlines:

It usually takes 12- 18 months to a year to plan a quality program.  The university and CGE needs  sufficient time to list the FLEAP Programs in catalogs, schedules and promote the programs and students need time to plan for the program.  The table below lists approximate timelines. 

 Intent Forms Due by: For Programs Leaving: 
March 15 Following May Year 2 

FLEAP Proposals and Approval Forms
Due by:
For Programs Leaving: 
Oct  15 of year 1 Following May Year 2 

Reporting Requirements for Education Abroad:

Thirty (30) days upon the return, the FLEAP Director/Faculty is required to complete at least a one-page travel report, with input from other participating faculty (on their respective outcomes). The report needs to include the general aspects of the trip and outline what students have learned/outcomes as the result of the FLEAP. The report will be used in the annual report of the Center for Global Engagement.

In addition, students will be provided with a link to an on-line evaluation that they are required to complete.

Get Started Today:

Download the Program Description and Requirements

Download the Faculty Intention Form

Download the Site Assessment Form

Download the FLEAP Approval Form (must accompany both the Site Assessment & Proposal forms)

Download the FLEAP Proposal Form