Current Research: 

        "Adaption of a Mind Control Game to Demonstrate Neural Interface Concepts"

        "Study of Material Interactions with Touch Screens to Design Improved Artificial fingertips"

        "Using Music to Demonstrate Principles of Science and Engineering"

History of Programs Generated from Successful Proposals as PI or Co-PI (Funding totaling over $400,000):

          “Fundamental study of pulse length dependency for laser ablation and melt    

                      formation” National Science Foundation

“Laser Cutting of Metals” Exotic Metal Forming

“Wire Bonding and Laser Machining Services” Dynamic Eye

“Laser Processing for Calibration Plates” Precision Therapeutics  

“Development of a portable laser probe and meter calibration station”  Calyx

“Computer Simulation of a Spinning Wedge System” Aerotech Inc

Laser Repair of Bulletproof Windows”   Ibis Tek

“Laser Applications for Electronics Manufacturing” Tyco Electronics

“Laser Cutting of Quartz” Army Research lab

 “Single Pulse Laser Ablation Studies” Carnegie Mellon University

 “Laser Marking of Plastics” Mecco Marking   

 “Micromachining of Piezo Ceramics” PiezoKinetics

 “Thin Film Removal Using Ultrashort Pulse Lasers” Raytheon

 “Blind Hole Drilling in Metal Wire” Johnson and Johnson