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Supervised Student Research: 

Design and construction of an automated laser power level measurement and control system. Senior Design Project for Ryan George and Renee Leroy, Pennsylvania State University (2009)

Undergraduate (Honors) Thesis: 

A Study of the Laser Ablation Characteristics of Mercury Cadmium Telluride for the Purpose of Forming p-n Junctions and Other Micro Applications, Pennsylvania State University (2003)

Graduate Thesis: 

A Further Study of the Laser Ablation Characteristics of Mercury Cadmium Telluride for the Purpose of Forming p-n Junctions and Other Micro Applications, Pennsylvania State University (2003) 

Ph.D. Dissertation: 

An Exploration of Methods for the Analysis of Ultrashort Pulse Laser Performance for the Optimization of Micromachining Manufacturing Processes, Robert Morris University (2009)